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Taylor's Background Playground

The Rocklin POA has an offer you can’t refuse. 

We have a special friend named Taylor. Taylor was recently running a lemonade stand to help other children who have cancer. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you will quickly understand what an amazing young girl she is. Taylor is 6 years old and fighting cancer herself, yet she spends so much of her time doing for others.  We want to do something for her and we need YOUR help to make it happen. 
Taylors Backyard
A plan is underway to provide a safe place to play where Taylor can enjoy being a kid and not have to worry about getting sick or being exposed to funguses or viruses.  The plan is to get most of the materials donated, however it is likely that there will be a shortage, which is why we need your help. 

The Rocklin POA will match all cash donations up to $500. Anything over that donation will be donated to Taylor’s charity of choice. Please help create a special retreat for Taylor to be able to play and enjoy life as a normal kid. 

An online donation link where you can donate online will be available Monday (Sept. 12th) or please send or bring any cash or check donations in an envelope with “Taylor’s Backyard” written on the envelope to Rocklin PD located at 4080 Rocklin Rd, Rocklin CA 95677. THANK YOU!!! 

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Help us build 6-Year-Old Taylor’s Backyard
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