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Thank you Taylor

First and foremost, THANK YOU TAYLOR for being an inspiration for this project. You are an amazing young girl with a heart to help others and the sky is the limit for you. Thanks go out to Eric Dollar and Greg Jensen for arranging such a great project. Thank you to Jonas Reyes Landscaping!  What an amazing job you did with the sprinkler system and expertise in field of landscaping. If you ever need a landscaper he is your man. Not only did he contribute to the sprinkler system, but he would not take any money for making several runs to the dump or any of the materials he provided. 
Taylors Yard Finished Thank you Bill Bibbins for the use of all of his equipment and expertise in the area of construction. Thank you to the members of the Rocklin Police Officers’ Association and the Rocklin Firefighters Local 3847.  Your work out there was absolutely amazing. Not only your generous financial contributions, but for the countless hours of manpower to help with his project. 

Special thanks to Ron Sherrod for your generous contribution of the landscape lighting, physical labor and getting the equipment donated. Thank you Charles Dean of John L Sullivan Chevrolet for your extremely generous financial contribution. 

The food and refreshments were amazing and thank you to the following companies: Amie Wallace from The Human Bean of Rocklin for the amazing coffee and other liquid refreshments, Chick-Fil-A for your amazing support and chicken sandwiches and biscuits, Hoppy Brewing Company of Sacramento for the amazing spread at lunch time and Beach Hut Deli for the amazing sandwiches as well. A very special thank you to John Irwin and the Chef's Table for their contribution of a gift card, so Jason and Michelle can enjoy a night out. 

Lastly, thank you to all the individuals that made personal donations of time and money.  Your support is truly appreciated!!!

Please go out and support the businesses that helped with this project, donate to children's cancer research, or donate to Taylor's GoFundMe page. #taylorstrong #taylorleesbutterflies #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth #cancersucks
Giving back with a Bike Donation
Taylor's Backyard Build from KCRA3