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Police K9 Agility Course


Late last year, the students of Leadership Rocklin (2019-2020) partnered with the Rocklin Police Officers' Association to create a police K9 agility course. The K9 agility course is a location where law enforcement can train with their K9 partners using obstacles that are designed to replicate certain unusual real life experiences. By having a designated site, the K9s and their handlers can improve themselves by having constant repetitions on a specific obstacle while keeping the risk of injury ...

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Support Rocklin Businesses

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  Do you have the quarantine blues? No need to fear! Many of your locally owned restaurants are still open for business during this time. Last week, some of our officers ordered up some fresh hamburgers and had a team lunch together. Appropriate social distancing was practiced during their lunch time.   Even though we are in unprecedented times, we still encourage you to support your local Rocklin businesses and enjoy life with your family and friends. Nothing brings people togeth...

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